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Stay at home mom? Always on the go? No gym membership? I got you.

Let me help you reach your goals!

Details down below!

What you will need

My 8-week home plan is suitable for stay at home moms or those with a very busy schedule and limited equipment. This plan is built around the unique training style that I have developed using different acute variables. With this program I strive to not only transform bodies but also enrich lifestyles.Whether you’re training to lose weight or build strength, my unique 8-week home plan will help you take the necessary steps to help you reach your goals. Click the button below to get started today!

What you will receive

  • 8-week full body program (the plans, demo videos, and instructions will be on my site).

  • 5 day training split + 1 hiit day 

  • Heavy emphasis on legs and booty growth

  • Nutritional guidance E-Book with a sample grocery list, Meal ideas, IIFYM, and Intuitive eating break down

  • Cardio regimen 

How to purchase!

​Before we start

READ THE NOTE BELOW and then follow ALL 3 of the steps (including purchase) so that way I can set you up! 


Please make sure you have consulted with your doctor PRIOR to purchasing the plan to make sure you don’t have any limitations. This is a 8 week plan; so in order for you to see optimal results it is highly recommended that you complete this plan in 8 weeks. Due to life always having set backs you have access to the website/plans for 4 months and then your membership expires. ALSO note that once payment is made your account will be activated for 4 months, therefore there are NO refunds since you will be granted full access to my website/plans. I obviously will not be there in person with you, so with purchase of this plan you agree that YOU are fully responsible for your own actions while exercising. Also since I am not a registered dietitian I will NOT be customizing meal plans. I will only be giving nutritional guidance/advice that you can follow voluntarily. 

​Step 1

Did you read the note above? If not read it please.

Now for step 1 please sign up to my website PRIOR to dm'ing me

AFTER signing up for the website please continue to follow the steps under it

​Step 2

After you have signed up to my website, you can purchase the plan by clicking on the 'Buy Now' Paypal tab. You do not need a paypal account to buy this program.

Now proceed to the next step.

​Step 3

Send me a  DM, through instagram @littleandfitsquad, with your name and the email  you used to sign up to my website. Make sure you send your info to @littleandfitsquad  NOT to my personal account. If you used a card or a PayPal account that isn’t under your name please provide that info as well. Do this ASAP because it is the only way i can match you with your account.  [If you do not DM me on Instagram you will not be accepted]

Hope you're excited to crush some goals! 

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